Why get vocal lessons if I can sing really well already?
Vocal cords are like muscles and with proper training you can get a lot more out of them. With age and use your vocal cords can become sore, developing nodules which could end a career. Speech Level Singing (SLS) will get you through these hazards safely and unleash all of your potential.

Do you teach opera, jazz and all genres of music?
No - we give you the vocal coordination you need, enabling you to sing any style you want.

ow many lessons do I need?
This is very much like fitness. Some need a coach to get through a problem area; others want to continually refine their skill. We have solved range and mix problems in a single lesson, but many have been students on-and-off for their entire careers. Master-level coaches are often called in before recording sessions, or brought by singers on tour to prevent them from hurting their voices.

I hear a lot about bad coaches ruining voices. Is this a real problem?
Sadly, yes. A bad coach can lead a singer into physically harming their vocal cords. The good news is that in many cases the damage can be undone. The other problem is teaching bad habits that can prevent a singer from maximizing their voice. It is not uncommon for us to work with experienced singers and increase their range dramatically in a handful of lessons.

You have teachers of various levels. What is the difference?
Levels are achieved by a number of factors, but time spent in SLS is important. It takes over ten years to become a master teacher and all coaches are tested annually to ensure that they maintain their skills. Only master-level teachers can rehabilitate damaged voices, for example, but any certified SLS coach can get you on your way to better vocal performance. They will also pass you on to a different coach when they feel you've achieved a skill set they do not possess, themselves. SLS teachers are a team whose goal it is to help their students excel.

Can I get a lesson with Seth?
Yes, it is possible to get a private lesson with Seth, but your best bet is to attend one of the SLS camps or master classes. Seth does also provide evaluations for recording artists and actors needing a specific program to get them through a project. He can supervise training utilizing several SLS teachers.

Can I get a lesson or an evaluation via the phone?
Yes, Mr. Riggs and other senior coaches regularly teach students in this way. Some students are on tour or on stage in London or Broadway and cannot physically receive coaching except via phone. Others live in an area where there are no SLS coaches and we accommodate them this way as well.

Can you be too young or too old to start singing?
Not really. If a student can understand the music, they can work to improve their energy and control - thus becoming more able to accomplish their goals.

Are singers born with the gift to sing ?
Some certainly are more gifted than others, but as long as you can speak and are not tone deaf, you can sing. The music world is filled with diverse voices ranging from a Bob Dylan to a Pavarotti. Would we not have missed the one if he had decided not to sing because he did not sound like the other?

Can I get college credits for taking SLS instruction?
Yes, there are numerous universities around the world that credit time spent within SLS, and we are increasing those relationships yearly. I hear you have helped artists in their careers.

Can you get me a record deal, even if I am not an SLS student?
I wish we could guarantee anyone a deal. We do have extensive contacts within the music business and have been fortunate to be able to assist many artists with their careers by introducing them to labels, or to producers, managers, or agents. We need for you to submit photos, resume, and a cd. It is important to highlight songs you have written. If you are signed to management, they must submit the materials on your behalf and introduce them as such.



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